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Pooch portraits and divas!

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

After 40 years of creating opera productions for many of the worlds greatest divas, I'm so excited to be commissioned to paint portraits, recently there's been an absolute rush for me to paint the pooches!

Below: "GIACOMO".

Commissioned by Gilles Dansart of Luxembourg. Giacomo is presented within the truly gorgeous garden of the villa that Gilles and his husband Mauro Bubnic own in Tuscany.

Oil on canvas 90 cm by 60 cm

Below: "LEO".

Commissioned by Giovanna & Darryl Harford of London & Tuscany. Leo is presented in front of the Tofane mountain range in Northern Italy. Oil on canvas, 1 mt by 60cm

Below: "PEANUT".

Commissioned by Malise & Jonathan Scott - Barrett of France & Tuscany. Peanut is presented in front of their Tuscan home. Oil on canvas 60cm by 45 cm.

Below: "Marsia Holzer riding Norlando"

A fantasy portrait, commissioned by Marsia Holzer of Manhattan New York. The internationally known designer, Ms Holzer is also a USA champion show jumper. In this image she is wearing a coat from the 'Dowery' collection designed by Christy Holzer and is seen galloping out of a turbulent storm over the Scottish mountains. Oil on canvas, 1.20 m by 60cm.

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