Good bye to dear Mo' Alan Curtis

August 4, 2015


Good bye dear Meastro Alan Curtis. (Center)


July 15th 2015, my dear friend and extremely famous conductor / musicologist:  Maestro Alan Curtis passed while walking (as always!) at top speed through a baking hot Florence.


He had become a myth in the operatic world as he had revolutionazed the presentation of baroque music, believing firmly in authenticity as the only way to go. Also that folllowing the road to true authenticity would never be boring. He was right


As a person, everyone who knew him would I know say the same thing -   that a kinder more generous man you could not hope to find and the fact that he was a world famous genius, like all truly great persons in my experience, never entered into any part of his personal relationships as he was always loving and generous in everything he did. The photograph above shows him beaming his truly wonderful smile - which was the most sincere and heart warming that anyone could hope to encounter.


The photograph was taken following the opening night of our 'radically authentic' (and as it happened  - controversial & extremely successful) first productionwhich which we had created in 2006  for our mutual friend the (now deceased) founder of the two Spoleto Festivals  - Mo GIAN CARLO MENOTTI. The project was Vivaldi's "ERCOLE SUL TERMODONTE" , in its first presentation in 250 years.


Check out any number of pieces on You Tube!  


It's frequently known as the "nude Ercole" owing to the fact that the Ercole (Hercules)  was dressed as you see ... authentically. That is  - completely nude with just the skin of the Nemean lion over one shoulder.  As for the phalli ... well perhaps  check out the truncated statues on Delos which were our 'authentic'  reference.


Is anyone bored with our 'authentic' world? Let me tell you, that no one was ever bored around dear Alan, and both I and the rest of the world will miss him enormously.   


With greatest respect and enormous affection


John Pascoe



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