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By Olivia Heath, Published MAR' 29th, 2023

"Artist John Pascoe’s tiny London studio is complete with a hand-painted wraparound mural. The interior is a labour of love – opera director and set designer John was inspired by the beauty of Clissold Park to create a mural that wraps around the whole studio, detailing the sunlit monuments, ancient trees and lakes. He spent six hours every day for four months painting scenes on the walls, amassing to over seven million brush strokes. The nature-inspired wall mural has been the backdrop to many significant operatic projects, which is why the artist refers to the studio as his Back Room Opera Box."   (Photograph by J Pascoe)


Detail of a HUNDRED foot long mural for WILD THINGS publishers that I painted in 2022 in the kitchen-dining room of their Welsh farmhouse.  



I painted this trompe l'oeil panel in my medici villa outside of Lucca. It was built at the opening of the nineteenth century  when the Napoleonic style ruled with his sister Elisa Buonaparte as Princess of Lucca.


A detail of the 2019 mural I created for BEAR FOODS, in Chelan W.A. USA. The owner was chairman of the Health Food Association of the 9 North Western states of Americas, and his very GREEN ethos was reflected in my designs. 

Bear Foods Cafe Artwork JP (7).jpg


GIACOMO.  (Detail)  Oil on canvas. 60cm by 45cm. 

_Giacomo_, portrait commissioned by Gill

ROSE.  (Detail)  Oil on canvas. 70cm by 40cm.

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