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Welcome to the web site of John Pascoe.

After a 40 year international career designing opera, I'm now concentrating on painting green murals and trompe l'oiel projects. I just love painting all those trees and clouds created by a real goddess - NATURE.


My "OPERA BOX". (Highbury - London N5 2UU)

I designed many of my opera productions here over the last thirty years, and only recently decided to decorate it!  It's a small but effective studio space, I painted a larger space of the imagination. Hopefully, you'll find yourself  'walking' between the trees,  and escaping the real walls in a kind of endless dream. Its vistas are inspired by the sunlit monuments, trees and lakes found in nearby and truly gorgeous Clissold Park - as seen in my dreams.


Are are two green murals for marvellous WILD THINGS publishers run by author Dan Start and my niece Tania Pascoe. The first images are of the 2022 mural that I painted in their kitchen-dining room of their Welsh farmhouse, in time for a Ukrainian Easter feast hosted by my sister in law Marijka and my great niece Rose. (See her portrait below)  The second set of images are again in their kitchen dining room but this time in their 17th Century cottage outside of Bath. 



I painted this trompe l'oeil panel in my medici villa outside of Lucca. It had been renovated in the 1970s and lacked virtually all period detail. So  following what little there was, I used a decorative Napoleonic style to give it something of the elegance it would have had while Napoleons sister Elisabet literally was Princess of Lucca. 


My son  Nicholas and his wife Teresa, purchased BEAR FOODS, the week of the crash in 2008. They survived it through pure grit and hard work, and have created a GO TO food store for WA. Clients drive from not nearby Seattle for their product.  So we decided on a very green mural celebrating its importance - legacy in and around Chelan W.A. USA. Teresa chose every colour, including a perfect scarlet paint for the recycled seats. I love it!

Bear Foods Cafe Artwork JP (7).jpg


GIACOMO.  (Detail)  Oil on canvas. 60cm by 45cm. 

ROSE.  (Detail)  Oil on canvas. 70cm by 40cm.

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